Personalised Privacy

So I just went ahead and bought my second personalised number plate. Excited to see what it looks like made up on the physical plates! 

Many people couldn’t care less about having a personalised numberplate but after having my first one for 2 years I’ve become a bit of a numberplate-snob! In my eyes a number plate says just as much about you as your car does. Why go with the mundane, ordinary combination of characters that are issued to from a database of millions when you can choose your own unique combination? I can’t see how anyone doesn’t understand that appeal; but each to their own!

The plate I bought this time is slightly more obvious than the one I currently own however it’s still not as good as it could be! One day I hope to have enough money to purchase something really exclusive of say four characters or less, my name and a number would be perfect! 

Currently the numberplate ‘MAX 1’ is valued at £304,000 though so I doubt I could ever justify spending that much on what effectively is two pieces of plastic! Another one that I’d love would be ‘MAX IT’ which is currently assigned to a…. Lamborghini Reventon.

Ahh.. one can dream… lol.

Anyway, hopefully the next time you see my plate on the road it will be on the back of a machine that can travel from 0-100mph quicker than you can read this sentence (or even the car above for that matter!)